Rooted in blues and soul tradition like so many Scottish singers, Al Hughes writes from his own perspective on topics which are very much of today. His influences can be clearly heard, but make no mistake, this music is modern, relevant and gathering praise from a growing number of well respected figures on the British music scene.

Comparisons have already been made, by more than one reviewer, between Al and the late Rory Gallagher’s accoustic playing, and also to Chris Smither, Townes Van Zandt and Martin Simpson. His haunting, smoky voice is complimented by a variety of guitars including a huge sounding, custom built 12 string resonator, and his music conjures a variety of moods, from forceful and raucous, to gentle and wistful. Indeed, one reviewer called his slide playing “eerily atmospheric”, another said his voice sounded “as if it had been aged in oak casks.”

Al’s fifth album ‘Sad Songs and Tall Stories’ was included in Blues In Britain Magazine’s Pick of the Year 2010 and the song ‘Count Your Blessings’ was among the nominees for the Best Song award at the British Blues Awards 2011. His latest release, ‘Dancing in the Minefield’ looks set to build on this reputation and the last part of his ongoing ‘Robert Johnson Songbook’ was released in 2013* to glowing reviews.

Always looking to expand his horizons, Al has played clubs, concerts, and festivals all over the UK and Europe.